Is Acupuncture Covered by Insurance

Because of increased awareness of the benefits of acupuncture as a preventative measure as well as a treatment, more and more insurance companies are covering it. There are still many insurance companies that do not cover acupuncture, though, and many that will only cover it if it is being used to treat an illness and not if it is being used as a preventative measure. Individuals planning to seek the benefits of acupuncture should find an insurance company that covers it before signing up.

Aetna Insurance

With headquarters in San Diego, California and Allentown, Pennsylvania, Aetna Insurance is a very well-known insurance company that does cover acupuncture. However, that coverage is limited to certain conditions including chronic back pain, migraines, pregnancy nausea, osteoarthritis, nausea and vomiting due to chemotherapy, post-operative pain and temporo-mandibular disorders. Men and women who are interested in learning more about Aetna’s coverage of acupuncture can do so at

Blue Cross and Blue Shield

Blue Cross and Blue Shield Insurance covers acupuncture in select states through different types of programs. For instance, in Massachusetts, the company features the Living Healthy Naturally plan, which allows users to save up to 30% on certain types of treatment. Those include but are not limited to acupuncture, massage therapy, personal training, Pilates, nutrition counseling and yoga. Individuals can learn more at

Cigna Health Insurance

Cigna Health Insurance covers acupuncture in some states, and seems to be one of the health insurance companies embracing the idea of this kind of treatment. In most cases, the company will cover acupuncture deemed medically necessary for conditions such as pregnancy nausea, post-operative dental issues, nausea and vomiting related to chemotherapy, and chronic health conditions like migraine, osteoarthritis, and back pain. At, individuals can learn more about acupuncture coverage in specific states.

The Acupuncturists Directory

The Acupuncturists Directory is an extremely useful website where individuals can search for acupuncture professionals in a specific state or county who accept particular types of insurance. Filters for searching include states, counties, and types of insurance. Men and women can learn more about the website and utilize the service by visiting

When Deemed Medically Necessary

While many health insurance companies will cover acupuncture, most will only cover the treatment if it is deemed medically necessary. Most will only cover acupuncture if it has been clinically proven to treat a specific condition, as well. If acupuncture has not been proven successful in clinical trials for a particular medical condition, it is not likely it will be covered by your insurance company. In many cases, you will need a referral from your regular family physician in order for your insurance company to consider the acupuncture “medically necessary.”

While it is essential to find an insurance company that covers acupuncture, it is also important to make sure you obtain a specific plan that covers acupuncture as well. Ask for paperwork that details specifically what kinds of acupuncture are covered and in what instances that acupuncture is covered. This will help prevent any out-of-pocket expenses.