Acupuncture Cost

Before visiting an acupuncture specialist, savvy men and women will want to learn more about how much it is going to cost them. Not only will this help you plan your finances accordingly, but you may want to use this information to determine whether to try acupuncture or opt for a more traditional form of treatment.

Initial Visit

For most types of acupuncture treatments, more than one visit is needed. Generally, the initial visit is the most expensive. Although the cost will differ depending upon the type of treatment needed, the first visit will usually cost somewhere between $75 and $125. During the initial visit, your acupuncture specialist will estimate how many additional treatments you will need.

Routine Visits

Some conditions require routine treatment in which the patient visits his or her acupuncture specialist one or two days per week, biweekly, every month, etc. Routine visits cost less than the initial or one-time treatment and will usually run between $50 and $75. Acupuncture can be used to prevent conditions like high blood pressure and other circulatory disorders, gastrointestinal conditions, immune issues, and even gynecological conditions.

Preventative Treatments

In much the same way that a routine dental cleaning costs less than a root canal, preventative acupuncture treatments are less expensive than treating an existing condition. Preventative acupuncture can be used to maintain a healthy body and reduce the risk of certain health conditions. Individuals are encouraged to visit their acupuncture specialist three or four times per year for preventative treatments and should expect to pay between $50 and $90 each visit.

The Severity of the Condition

The acupuncture cost will be higher for conditions that are more serious or harder to treat. For instance, although both AIDS and anemia can both be treated with acupuncture, the cost of treating AIDS will be significantly higher. In addition, routine treatments will be needed so the overall cost will be more as well as the cost-per-visit. Some conditions may require follow-up treatments at home, such as the use of herbs, so those costs must also be figured in to the overall total.

The Individual

Finally, the cost will differ depending upon the individual and his or her unique condition. While a specific condition may be easy to treat in one person, it could be difficult to treat in another person. Therefore, the actual cost can differ from person to person, even if the condition is the same. Your acupuncture specialist should be able to give you an estimate of the cost at the beginning of each session.

In comparison with traditional treatment options, acupuncture is a relatively affordable method of treatment. In fact, each visit can cost less than the prescription a traditional doctor might give you for a specific condition. More importantly, acupuncture specialists take a holistic approach to health and seek to heal your entire body rather than just the symptoms you are experiencing. Acupuncture cost is worth it to many individuals, but it is important to make up your own mind regarding whether or not to utilize acupuncture for your own health conditions.